Career Day - Morgan Young of Miss Wyolene, Greenville SC

Happy 2019, Friends! I was totally MIA from the blog and social media over the holidays and although it was a nice break, I'm back! I'm excited to start off the new year with a Career Day interview of a super talented lady. My friend Morgan is a super creative designer in Greenville and I always enjoy time spent with her. I loved interviewing her because she writes like she talks. Morgan's way with words is genuine, honest, and fun - you'll see once you start scrolling. She's also sharing some great podcast suggestions at the end, so make sure to add those to your list.

Read on to hear all about Morgan's business, Miss Wyolene (named after her grandmother), and her take on success and creative inspiration. You can also check out Morgan's work on Etsy!

image of designer hand lettering a product

Tell us what you do!

I design paper products and stationery for busy gals like myself. In other words, I need it, I make it, I use it, I sell it.

What are you looking forward to most in 2019? Any big goals or projects that get you excited?

I'm actually really excited for the year ahead. As our family has changed, I've had to edit and adjust my business so that it serves us, instead of the other way around. (This has not always gone well, by the way.) I've spent a lot of time evaluating what is currently working and what isn't. The results have provided a clarity that feels fresh and exciting. I think this year you'll see products that are really practical for busy mamas as well as a wider variety of items...maybe some things for the kiddos!

image of woman writing for her creative business
image of graphic designer working on her laptop

What’s your go-to source for creative inspiration?

I never leave a coffee date with a like-hearted friend feeling empty. Now, that doesn't always translate to my immediately busting out the pen and paper in a flurry of lettering bliss. It might mean being inspired to take the kids to the park and get outside. (And only after do I realize I forgot to grab Valentines for the kids' school buds so where can I get those right quick?). Necessity is so often the mother of invention for me. (Refer back to question 1.) It's always the better choice for me to pick the kiddos first. Creativity is usually on the heels of relational fullness.

What’s the biggest overall lesson you’ve learned in running a business?

To hold to this work loosely. My identity does not need to be wrapped up in the success or failure of my business. At times I have placed impossible standards on myself and everyone around me suffers when I do that. I've also tried to completely remove the following words from my vocabulary: "hustle" and "deserve." Blech.

image of an inspiration board on a pink wall
image of a graphic designer hand lettering and holding her baby

Any advice for women interested in what you do?

Don't let finances or assets be your only gauge for success. If you are a stay-at-home mom, and you want to be home to cook dinner for your family every night, there's so much value in that. Or maybe you want to quit your day job and devote yourself to a side....(I will not say hustle...I will not say hustle...) gig. Don't be in a rush. Keep the steady, guaranteed income for as long as you can. Or be willing to make lifestyle adjustments while your business gets a footing. It's okay to start and grow slowly, with intention.

How do you maintain work-life balance?

My work is very seasonal. Things ramp up after Halloween, and I'm learning to be prepared for that. What can I do in the slower times to be ready? Not every project needs my yes. I always want to say yes to the people who live in my house so, that might mean saying no to some great things.

image of designer writing on weekly meal planner

Anyone that inspires you or that you look up to in Greenville?

Gosh, we have such a rich community here in Greenville. I have friends who stay home, friends who work part time and full time. One thing that is true about all of them: they prioritize their families and their relationships. They leave generous margin to serve others. What they are building is so much bigger than a business. I think it's an acquired skill and I'm so blessed to have women who are a few life steps ahead demonstrating that with such profound grace.

image of handing writing on weekly meal planner
image of a weekly meal planner, Miss Wyolene

Quick Q’s:

Favorite song to listen to while you work? Oooh, I'm more of a podcast girl! I love God Centered Mom, Eric Metaxas, The Bible Recap (it's brand new and it's awesome!), and How I Built This.

What’s currently on your desk or in your workspace? Coffee (I'm hoarding Nutpod's pumpkin spice creamer), sharpie pens, and my fav notepads. Also my hot pink Bible.

Favorite snack? Trader Joe's plantain chips. (I guess one can't eat Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes all year? Bummer.)

Last book you read? Currently reading "Free of Me" by Sharon Hodde Miller and the Mitford series.

Favorite restaurant in Greenville? Impossible to choose just one. Kitchen Sync, Sidewall Pizza, Tandem...does Chick Fil A count?

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