Crunch Wrap Supreme Recipe

We've been loving these crunch wraps as an alternative to tacos and quesadillas. I especially love the crunch from the tortilla chips in there! These are super easy and quick to make; you can throw anything you want inside of them and they'll still be tasty. See the recipe below.

Crunch Wrap Supreme


Large whole week tortillas

Ground chicken or turkey

Taco seasoning

Black beans

Shredded lettuce

Shredded Mexican cheese

Greek yogurt or sour cream

Queso or melted cheese

Tortilla chips or tostadas

Pico de Gayo

Avocado and salsa for topping


1. Brown meat and add taco seasoning.

2. to assemble the crunch wrap, spread a small amount of queso on the tortilla. Add meat, beans, and shredded cheese.

3. Next add tortilla chips or tostada, then top with greek yogurt. Add lettuce and another bit of shredded cheese on top.

4. Fold the tortilla into a hexagon.

5. place crunch wrap into a greased skillet and cook on medium high until browned on both sides.

©Cameron Reynolds Photography, LLC.

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