Spring Tulip Wreath DIY

My door needed a little spring touch so I decided to go with a super colorful pop with this tulip wreath. It was super fun and easy to make (see below for details)!


Faux tulips - I got mine on sale at Michaels but you can get them on Amazon. I used about 5 bunches of pink and 1 bunch of white tulips.

Wreath Form - I had one of these on hand. You can also get these at Michaels or on Amazon

Wire cutters


Clip the tulips from the bunch with the wire cutters and start to stick them into the wreath. Keep doing this all the way around until it looks full and fluffy. I added in some leaves as needed too. Super easy!

image of a spring wreath of pink and white tulips on a wooden door
image of white and pink tulips in a white tub
image of tulips in the center of a grapevine wreath
image of three pink tulips
image of a pink tulip and scissors to make a DIY wreath
image of the supplies to make a spring wreath
image of tulips sticking out of grapevine wreath
image of white faux tulips
image of a homemade pink tulip wreath on the front door of a house
tulip wreath DIY hangs on a front door

Photos ©Cameron Reynolds Photography, LLC.

#DIY #Lifestyle #Spring #wreath #homedecor

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