Round Up: The Best Wedding Departures I've Seen

I've seen plenty of wedding departures in my photography career and love how some of my sweet couples have taken these last wedding moments as a chance to be creative and leave their guests with something memorable. I've rounded up some of my favorite newlywed departures and wanted to share them with y'all. I hope this gives inspiration to those planning weddings and trying to dream up a creative send off!


Lauren and Ben had guests throw these adorable metallic twinkle poms as they left their reception. We did a similar departure at our wedding so this is obviously one of my very favorites!

image of newlywed send off at resort wedding in Mexico
image of gold confetti puffs on the floor
image of bride and groom walking away

Resort: Finest Playa Mujeres | Twinkle Poms: Etsy



Anna Kathryn and Jesse had what I'd consider my most memorable departure so far - a second line! Guests paraded behind Kinfolk Brass Band in a second line waving custom white hankies and beads. It was a literal party through the streets of New Orleans! To give you some background, these are legit because an official police escort is involved and you have to have a parade permit to do this. It was by far the most unique departure we've experienced and I loved every second of it. Can we bring this tradition to the rest of the south east?

image of second line band in New Orleans
image of newlyweds kiss during their wedding departure
image of wedding guests in a second line in NOLA
photo of guests wave white flags during New Orleans Wedding
image of bride and groom stand with their guests outside of a New Orleans hotel

Planner: Sapphire Events | Custom Beads: Beads By The Dozen Second Line Band: Kinfolk Brass Band



I loved getting to photograph Anna & Edward's wedding with Caitlin, especially since it was a festive Christmas-time party! Guests happily jingled these adorable gold bells as the couple drove off in the cutest vintage green Thunderbird (more on departure vehicles later on...I couldn't resist sharing!).

image of jingle bells in wooden box
photo of a bride and groom depart their Christmas time wedding in Georgia
image of newlyweds sit in vintage Mustang before leaving their wedding


I've experienced several great confetti moments recently, both paper and snow versions. I love how slowly the paper confetti falls; it makes for fun photos and a charming exit.

Several of my couples (Grace & Bryan, Carrie & Hudson, Marita & Reed, Taylor and JP) used confetti flick sticks, which ranged in color from classic white to two toned metallic to multi-colored flecks raining down! Carrie & Hudson even added in pink ribbon wands, which were super fun mixed in with their shower of rainbow confetti. Others, like Elizabeth & Patton, used "snow" confetti to match their color palette. Betsy & Walt chose white to mimic real snow for their holiday festive!

image of bride and groom departing to white paper confetti
image of newlyweds as their leave their Kentucky wedding
image of a couple in a vintage white car
image of rainbow confetti falling over a couple kissing
image of ribbon wands at a Memphis Wedding
image of a couple throwing confetti out of a convertible after their wedding
image of white confetti at Mississippi wedding
image of couple leaving their wedding as guests throw confetti
image of couple walking through a shower of yellow confetti
image of couple departing their wedding under white snow confetti
image of a couple leaving their Memphis, TN wedding

"Snow" Confetti: Amazon | Paper Confetti Flick Sticks: Flutter Fetti



There's something so timeless about guests throwing petals and other florals to send off the newlyweds. Pricey & Jackson's guests threw rose petals and Elizabeth & Matt's guests showered them with lavender. I always love a sweet smelling departure!

image of guests throwing rose petals as newlyweds leave their wedding
bride and groom leave their wedding as guests throw lavendar
image of newlyweds leaving their wedding in a convertible

Florist (rose petals): Garden District | Florist (lavendar): Deedra Stone Designs


S P A R K L E R S & B O A T S

Sparklers are another go-to for a bride & groom's departure, but this doesn't always end with fireworks and a get away boat! Molly & Chase ended the night with their guests watching fireworks over the lake, then jetted off to their honeymoon in their family boat.

image of a sparkler departure from an SC wedding
image of couple watching fireworks after their South Carolina wedding
image of newlyweds leaving wedding on a boat
image of couple in a just married boat on Lake Hartwell

Planner: Oliver Hooper Events



I'm not a huge sports fan but I can still appreciate when a bride will stand by her new husband's obsession of various sports and teams. Kylene & Nick were sent off down a line of excited friends cheering through custom megaphones and waving Georgia themed pom-poms and flags. If that doesn't get you excited for football season, I don't know what will!

Karina & Brent's guests supported this couple's loved of Grizzlies basketball by waving Growl Towels as the newlyweds walked off into Harbor Town after their Memphis wedding.

image of guests waving UGA sports gear at a wedding
image of guests sending off the newlyweds with Georgia fan gear
image of newly married couple leaving their Charleston Wedding
image of a couple leaving the Francis Marion hotel after their SC wedding
image of guests waving basketball towels to send off the newlyweds
image of guests at Memphis, TN wedding in Harbor Town
image of bride and groom walking through Harbor Town



I couldn't resist sharing the cutest get away vehicles in this round up of my favorite departures. From vintage cars to new convertibles to boats to carriages, here were some of the best!

image of a pontoon boat on Lake Hartwell

Planner: Oliver Hooper Events

image of vintage Rolls Royce car in front of a church in Kentucky
image of newlywed sign on the back of a white vintage car

Planner: Audrey Hurst | Florist: Flower and Furbish | Car: West Tennessee Motor Coach Calligraphy: Alison R. Banks

image of a white vintage convertible

Car: Rockabilly Rides | Planner: Audrey Hurst

image of a vintage green Thunderbird outside a golf club in Hartwell, Georgia
image of Thunderbird logo on vintage green car
image of couple smiling with just married sign
image of bride and groom driving away in vintage white Thunderbird convertible
image of a tan vintage car at country club in Memphis, TN
image of a vintage car
image of couple leaving wedding in vintage car

Planner: Audrey Hurst

image of couple leaving Charleston, SC wedding in a vintage car

1938 Plymouth Deluxe from Lowcountry Valet

image of newly married couple kissing through the window of vintage car

Planner: Linley Stokes

image of couple leaving wedding in a navy convertible
image of couple waving goodbye as they drive away in a convertible

Planner: Mona Dunlap Events

image of a horse and carriage with Just Married sign on the back
image of a Greenville, SC couple leaving wedding in a horse drawn carriage

Planner: Oliver Hooper Events | Calligraphy: Marlena Sigman

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