My Summer 2018 Promotional Campaign

Ever wonder how I go about getting commercial photography business? Some of you probably don't care at all, but for those who are interested, I'm excited to share about a recent promotional campaign that I just completed.

image of promotional materials for SC photographer

I did this campaign to get my name in front of potential clients, remind previous clients that I'm still around, and show my latest work to those who may be interested in my style of photography. I'm

I haven't done much in the way of promotional mailers in the past because I've always heard that they don't get much return on investment, so I didn't want to waste my time. I changed my mind when another photographer who I really respect and admire, Angie Mosier, encouraged me to send something out. When I decided to take her advice, I was planning on the "campaign" being a few small printed cards with a little note to go along with them...easy and cheap, right? Little did I know it would evolve into a much bigger and more time consuming project, but also one that was fun to create and that I'm proud to have created.

image of posters with photography
image of poster and notecards for marketing mailer

As I began pulling images, creating my mailing list, and brainstorming ideas I realized that I really wanted this to be something that would stand out in the big stack of mail that Art Directors likely get on a daily basis. That's when I chose to do a clear tube mailer with a rolled poster that was designed to showcase my work before even opening the package.

I got to work quickly! I designed and printed 25, 2-sided posters with images that had a light and bright summery theme because I chose to focus on seasonal food and travel. I curated my list of recipients which included art directors, publishers, and editors and wrote notes to each person that would receive one of my tubes. I felt like it needed another fun touch that would be simple but memorable and that's when I found some cute straws in my office! I tied those up with a colorful tag encouraging recipients to enjoy a refreshing summer drink. That was a last minute addition that I felt could add a little fun to the mix and I hope it did!

image of straws for marketing package
image of paper straws for promotional mailer

The hardest part about a promo campaign like this is knowing that some of these may never be opened or may not even make it to the intended recipient. These took many hours of work and effort to put together for what may be a small and most likely unknown ROI. While that was enough to keep me from doing this in the past, I'm glad I spent the time and effort to create something that represents my brand well and showcases the work I hope to continue doing in the future. Here's to hoping these little treasures of mine made it into the hands of those that will enjoy them!

image of clear tube mailers for marketing campaign
image of clear ends of mailing tubes
image of mailing tubes with photographer's marketing campaign inside

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