Career Day - Amanda Louise Interiors, Greenville, SC Interior Designer

Amanda Louise's work is best characterized by her use of bold color and that is something she does extremely well! I've gotten to work with her a few times recently and am always amazed by her creativity and eye for the prettiest of home decor. We got together at Art & Light Gallery the other day and I got to see her in action, styling a flat lay for an upcoming project. Moral of the story - if you're in need of an interior designer in Greenville, Amanda Louise is your girl! Scroll to get to know her and hear all about her awesome biz!

portrait image of Amanda Louise in art gallery

Tell us what you do in a few sentences or less?

Interior Design in Greenville, SC focusing on creating beautiful, comfortable homes infused with color and personality reflective of our awesome clients.

image of interior designer picking out art for client
image of a decorator arranging art on a mantle

What are you looking forward to most this year? Any big goals or projects that get you excited?

We have lots of projects going on all the time and every project has something different to get excited about. We have taken on several projects outside of South Carolina and I'm especially jazzed to work on spaces in a different way that includes designing remotely and traveling.

What’s your go-to when you need creative inspiration?

A good stroll around one of my favorite Greenville spots, Art and Light Gallery, always seems to do the trick. I always pick up on a color combination that inspires me or just generally soaking up the good vibes there works too. I incorporate so much local, original art into my work, mainly because I love it so much and can't have it all for myself.

image of a designer laying out a flat lay for photo shoot
image of an interior designer placing limes for a styled photo

Any advice for women interested in what you do?

Do it! Owning your own business is no joke, and being a designer isn't just shopping and hanging out, although that's luckily a part of it. Despite any negatives, if creating homes for people is your passion, that passion overrides any of the long hours or unpleasant stuff.

What was the best piece of business advice were you given when you were starting out?

My good friend told me that she never cancels client appointments. She obviously meant that unless there was a big reason to cancel like sickness, but I think it's so easy to get overwhelmed and say "oh, that can move to next week" or "she'll understand if I move her design presentation to the next week." Training myself to just keep appointments and do the necessary work to be ready for it, whether that means pulling a late night or not having a weekend, has helped me build relationships of trust with clients.

image of orange, green and yellow fabrics and tassles
image of orange and green inspiration board from interior designer

How do you maintain work-life balance?

Well, I'm still working on that one! It's probably the hardest thing I struggle with. Finally hiring an assistant and making sure that I at least take Sundays for myself has been huge. I'm truly introverted at heart and need a day at home to recharge and having someone by your side, who you know is able to catch a few emails as they roll in, has helped tremendously with balance!

image of interior designer and assistant on porch

Anyone that inspires you or that you look up to in Greenville?

So many, but I think Teresa Roche who owns Art and Light is a biggie. She has done so much for the art community and has let me be an honorary member/hang out at the clubhouse. Marquin Campbell is another artist and dear friend who always gives me the best advice and nuggets of wisdom!

image of a decorator putting together inspiration board
image of textiles and pictures for interior design client

Quick Q’s:

What’s currently on your desk or in your workspace?

Paper, lots of paper, because I still have to right everything down, fabric samples, and don't tell anyone... but, an oreo milkshake because, well, they are delicious.

Biggest influence in biz work?

I look up to so many people in my profession but I think as I got started the Canadian designer, Sarah Richardson, had a show on HGTV and I fell in love with her work. I still think she influences me and my work everyday with color choices and patterns.

Last book you read?

Oprah's The Wisdom of Sundays - I only get real reading done while I'm sitting on a beach but I keep this book by my bed and read a little bit each night or morning. Always picking up a nugget that inspires and teaches me.

Favorite restaurant in Greenville?

Kitchen Sync - The Super Greens Pizza is probably my favorite thing in the world and the Tequila Paloma isn't so bad either. Greenville is chock full of all the good eats, but this is me and my husband's go-to.

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