Career Day - Christie Mull of Route 276, Greenville Antique Furniture and Vintage Decor Shop

Christie Mull is the fun, eclectic owner of Route 276, an antique and vintage home decor shop. She transforms old furniture and curates vintage goods for the home in Greenville, SC and she's about to expand! I'm thrilled to share her insight into this creative business and some exciting news about a grand re-opening! I love her responses to my questions and can't wait for her new shop to open at 1215 Poinsett Hwy in November. Y'all have got to go check her out!

owner of antique shop sits in front of sign
Route 276, a vintage shop in Greenville SC

1. Tell us what you do in a few sentences or less.

I rescue vintage, antiques and rusty gold. I make something out of nothing. I re-purpose and re-home the useful and unique. I am a junker from The Dark Corner.

2. What’s your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job is meeting new people everyday. I love being able to set my own pace which often entails me working early mornings, late evenings and an 8 day work week. Ah the joys of being an entrepreneur.

Christie sits on her vintage blue pickup truck in front of her antique shop
Route 276 shop sign
vintage Route 276 blue pickup truck

3. What are you looking forward to most this year? Any big goals or projects that get you excited?

This year I am expanding my business!!! Grand reopening November 1st at 1215 Poinsett Hwy. I will be doubling the square ft, triple the parking, quaddrouple the JUNK!! I have already hired several more employees! We are about to take Greenville by storm.

4.What’s the biggest overall lesson you’ve learned in running a business?

The biggest overall lesson I have learned is you get what you give. That includes how you treat customers and employees too. I have the awesome experience of doing it the right way. Everyone loves junk, everyone gets my full attention and my employees are family.

antique iron handles and knobs
interior of antique and vintage decor shop
vintage books

5. Any advice for women interested in what you do?

Identify your gift. Carve your niche in that industry. Coin yourself unforgettable. Step to the edge of the cliff and JUMP...never forget where you came from and never limit yourself as to how far you can go.

6. What’s a personal motto or quote that describes how you view your work and/or business?

Find a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.

7. Anyone that inspires you or that you look up to in Greenville?

Yes. Strong independent women. All of them. One in particular, Patsy Robertson. She has been my mentor for over a decade. She started out in estate sales, tag sales, owned her own auction company for 30+ years. She lost her husband, her father, and her son. She battled cancer and won. She has an answer to everything and I wouldn't be the entrepreneur I am today without her support and guidance. She is my hometown hero.

vintage copper bucket
Route 276 t-shirt

Quick Q’s

Favorite workout or pump-up jam?

I don't workout but I do haul heavy junk to the tune of "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked."

Daily uniform?

Cut off jeans and a Cool Crap tank top. I carry a stack of cash in one pocket and my confidence in the other.

Favorite snack?

Anything easy to grab and go. Time is money. Sometimes it's just ham in my mouth or some cereal.

Favorite restaurant in Greenville?

Northwest Grill above TR. I love hometown cooking and I love hometown people. John and Lisa are both!

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