Shibori Dyed Easter Egg DIY

Easter is almost here so I tried my hand at these marbled, shibori-esque dyed Eggs (DIY via Alice and Lois). It didn't go quite as planned - I wish mine were a bit darker and had more coverage. They're also more marbled than Shibori but I'm still happy with the results! See below for the how-to for all you crafters out there!

What you'll need:

Eggs - faux or hard boiled

Navy nail polish

Disposable plastic container with room temp. water

Stir stick

Rubber gloves (this is messy!)

Drying holder

Dying Eggs:

1. Fill container 3/4 full with room temp. water (*If the water is too cold the polish will sink).

2. Add a few drops of nail polish. More drops of polish = darker and more coverage.

3. Lightly stir with stick to make a marble look in water.

4. Dip the egg under the water and swirl. Wear rubber gloves; this gets pretty messy at this point.

5. Dry the eggs on a piece of foam with pins or small nails.

©Cameron Reynolds Photography, LLC.

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