Career Day - Meredith Piper, Greenville SC Artist

I've been working on a new blog series called "Career Day" that I'm so excited to launch today! I'll be featuring creative women in Greenville talking about their businesses and giving a little insight into what they do best! My goal is to represent all different types of creative jobs and I'm hoping to introduce these people monthly. So, if you know any creative gals in Greenville that might be a good fit for this series, send them my way!

First up is my pal, Meredith Piper who moved to town recently and has a studio on the riverwalk downtown. She does weavings and paintings and you can find the occasional block print by her husband in her studio too. She's got some great insight into her business that I'm pumped to share with yall!

Tell us what you do in 2 sentences or less!

I split my time between weaving, wood working, and painting (both in my studio and live at events). There is a four way tie between my favorite subject matter to work from: flora, landscapes, marshes, and the human figure.

Meredith Piper in her studio, Greenville SC Artist
Meredith Piper weavings and woodwork, Greenville SC Artist
Meredith Piper weaving, Greenville SC Artist
Meredith Piper works on a weaving, Greenville SC Artist

What does your creative process look like?

When I get an idea for a new series, like the marshes I am currently working on, I do a lot of sketching and photographing of the subject to reference. If I can't paint from life, it's nice to have my own images to refer back to. Whether I am painting or creating textiles, the next stage in the creative process is usually full of many layers, some successful and some not. But this is where the magic and growth happens! By the time I have completed a piece, many areas have been repainted or yarn has been ripped out and reworked. There is no shame in that, it's all a process. This "process" makes those moments where your ideas pour out effortlessly so much sweeter!

What’s the biggest overall lesson you’ve learned in running a business?

There is so much more of a business/paperwork side than I could have ever imagined. I have not mastered, but am learning the valuable lessons of setting particular weekly and monthly time sots to dedicate to these matters. My first year of business involved a lot of tears and anxiety when tax season came around, due to all my receipts and paperwork shoved in boxes alone and neglected.

What’s your go-to when you need creative inspiration or are feeling in a creative rut? Quick, spontaneous road trips to nearby cities always help get the creative juices flowing. I love checking out studios and galleries in new cities and meeting other artists.

Meredith Piper smiles while working on a weaving, Greenville SC Artist
Meredith Piper cuts yarn for weaving, Greenville SC Artist
Meredith Piper weaving in her studio, Greenville SC Artist
Yearn for Meredith Piper's weavings, Greenville SC Artist

What thing or ritual could you not live without in your day-to-day? I love my coffee, but not in a Gilmore Girl addicted way, and quiet time to get my game face on for the day.

Any advice for women interested in what you do?

It is hard, that's why everyone isn't running their own business. But, I couldn't imagine not doing this, the reward by far outweighs the risk. So if you feel called to take this jump, do it! Have a great support system around you, meet other like minded people who can mentor you, and know that setbacks are not failure.

Meredith Piper wrapping art, Greenville SC Artist
Meredith Piper wrapping art, Greenville SC Artist
Meredith Piper gives gift bag to client, Greenville SC Artist

Quick Q's:

Favorite workout or pump-up jam? Alabama Shakes pandora station is usually what I have on in the studio.

Daily uniform?

My paint covered jeans, no sense in getting every pair covered.

What’s currently on your desk?

Jesus Calling, water bottle, sketchbook, coffee mug, stack of paperwork I keep avoiding, lots of sticky notes, and a dachshund shaped pen. ;)

Favorite snack?

Salty chips and a diet coke.

Last book you read?

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Favorite restaurant in Greenville?

Frodo's Pizza is the way to my heart!

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