If you're newly engaged then you've probably thought about getting engagement pictures. These sessions are super fun but also a little hard for those who aren't naturally comfortable in front of a camera and, let's be honest, most of us aren't! Here are a few secrets to dominating your engagement sessions and getting amazing photos. Spoiler - it's all in the preparation! 


1) What to Wear: Wear something you feel great in! Nothing too tight - you'll want to be able to move and sit easily. 

- Fun colors, neutrals, and pastels photograph beautifully.

- Try to coordinate with each other instead of matching exactly.

- Simple patterns are ok, but  make sure they coordinate with each other so it doesn’t look too cluttered.

- Things to avoid - logos, busy patterns, oversized T-shirts, large stripes, black or navy dresses or tops - these things don’t photograph well.


2) Hair and Makeup: If you’re having your hair and makeup professionally done for the wedding, this is a great opportunity to do your test run and I highly recommend it! A manicure is always a good idea too since there will inevitably be some ring shots. Don't forget to polish that stunner! 


3) Sun: Be careful about getting too much sun and tan lines before the session - burned skin never turns out pretty in pictures. 


5) Photo Usage: What do you plan to do with these images? Will they be for a Save the Date, sign-in book for the wedding day, or just to have framed in your home? It’s good to be aware of how you’ll want to use these so we can make sure to get shots that work for several applications. 


6) Props: If you want to bring anything significant to your relationship or any fun props, your engagement session is the time to do it! This can be a blanket for the park, bikes to ride, a picnic basket with yummy snacks if that’s something y’all like to do, etc. Props are definitely not a necessity but can sometimes add to the shoot if they are natural, subtle, and well used. It also helps ease you into being the subject if you have an activity or something to carry. 


7) Prepare your fiancé: Make sure your fiancé is in the know about the plan for the shoot. Share details like location, timing, and what you want him to wear. Communication is key here!


8) Have fun! This session should be a fun thing for you to do together as a couple and for us to get to know each other better too! If you're having fun it'll show in your pictures so make sure to let go a little and enjoy some time together during the whirlwind of engagement and wedding planning.